Veterans Administration

ACT Safe, LLC provided Asbestos Sixteen-Hour Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Worker Training for the Veterans Administration June 2017 – July 2017 at its Sheridan, Wyoming location.

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  • Provided understanding of physical characteristics of asbestos, its typical uses and where it might be found in buildings, and health effects related to asbestos exposure.

  • Provided a summary of asbestos abatement control options.

  • Described overview of OSHA, EPA, and other federal and state regulations regarding asbestos, with emphasis on the EPA’s AHERA regulation.

  • Provided an overview of the responsibilities of the accredited individuals in the asbestos abatement field and the activities and functions which statutory and regulatory law require of these individuals.

  • Described how to comply with all regulatory personal protection, general safety, and personal hygiene standards when working with or around materials containing asbestos.

  • Performed safe and effective state-of-the-art work practices as detailed in federal and state regulations, class instruction, and course manual.

  • Described comprehensive medical surveillance and respiratory protection programs.

  • Provided an overview of record keeping responsibilities for projects involving the disturbance of asbestos-containing materials.

  • Described the procedures involved during periodic surveillance activities.