Veterans Administration

ACT Safe, LLC provided Underground Storage Tank (UST) assessment and investigation for the Veterans Administration January – March 2016 at its Danville, Illinois location.

Analyzing site compliance from the
ground up.

  • Obtained Illinois State Fire Marshal, Division of Petroleum and Chemical Safety permits.

  • Scheduled J.U.L.I.E. meet to locate underground utilities in the areas of the soil borings and site mobilization of personnel and equipment.

  • Installed soil borings to appropriate depths.

  • Collected soil samples from each boring under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG).

  • Utilized photo ionization detector (PID) to field screen samples.

  • Recorded geological data on a boring log to be reviewed by the LPG.

  • Submitted representative soil samples from borings adjacent to the UST systems to a certified laboratory for analysis of fuel compounds (BTEX & PNA’s).

  • Decontaminated drilling and sampling equipment prior to use and between each boring.

  • Restored site (parking lot) conditions to match original conditions.

  • Completed OSFM UST site assessment forms and associated tank abandonment paperwork after lab results are obtained.

  • Submitted all completed and approved documents to the COR upon completion of services. (Prepared Site Investigation Completion Report.)