Waterfront Engineering


ACT Safe's waterfront engineering professionals provide services to a wide variety of clients that include municipal, state, and federal governmental agencies; commercial and residential. As a leader in the design, permitting, and construction administration of waterfront development, we have substantial experience managing large marine construction activities with an emphasis on navigating the complex permitting process associated with the sensitive waterfront environments and specifics of coastal regulatory issues.


Shoreline Surveys with Engineered Solutions

Site Evaluation

ACT Safe will be independently evaluated by a licensed professional engineer who will access the current condition of your property, development a conceptual solution and provide that information to our team who will then begin to engineer a solution to remedy to problem.

Engineering, Design and Permitting

Once the site has been evaluated, our engineering team will design a practical solution will then be transformed into a site development plan which detail the existing site conditions, a proposed site solution and general construction specifications that will be unique to your property and situation.  After the client has reviewed and approved the design plans, the project will progress into the permitting phase. ACT Safe will prepare all of the necessary applications for all governing agencies and work through the permit process to ultimate approval.


  • Structural Evaluation, Analysis & Design

  • Structural Rehabilitation Design

  • Structural Inspections & Condition Damage Assessment

  • Waterfront Infrastructure Design

  • Marina & Boat Ramp Design

  • Seawall & Bulkhead Design

  • Docks, Piers, Platforms & Breakwater Design

  • Shoreline Stabilization & Beach Development

  • Ferry & Ship Terminals

  • FEMA Surveys & Flood Elevation Certification

  • Riparian, Lease & License Investigation

  • Waterfront Permitting

  • Wetlands Delineation, Mapping & Mitigation

  • Conceptual Planning

  • Marine Engineering

  • Wave Analysis

  • Storm Damage Assessment & Repair Design

  • Grants & Funding

  • Construction Administration & Inspection