Driver Log/Hours of Service Audits

We feel this is in an important tool for carriers to use in providing on-going training to drivers as well as monitoring their hours of service violations to insure all drivers are complying with the Rules in Part 395. This along with a good disciplinary policy for non-compliance is a step towards total DOT COMPLIANCE.


We also can perform “Falsification Audits”, by comparing the logs to other sources that contain time and date information, for example fuel tickets.

Driver Qualification File Setup and Maintenance

When the DOT comes to audit your records the first thing, generally, the auditor will ask for is your “Driver Qualification Files”. This is the first impression the auditor will get on your Company and the efforts you are putting forth towards Compliance. Make a good impression by having your files reviewed and setup. Our maintenance program keeps track of all expiration dates with reminders and forms sent to you when items are coming up to expire, for example annual reviews, drivers license, etc.

Mock Audits

Mock audit includes compliance review in the following areas:

  • Driver qualification files

  • Driver logs/hours of service audit

  • Drug and alcohol testing records, policies and procedures

  • Accident records

  • Maintenance records

Fuel Tax Reporting

We have internal audit controls established to insure accuracy of all data entered and exception perimeters established to recognize areas that would be troublesome during an IFTA audit and insure a high degree of accuracy.

Some of these are:

  • High or low MPG calculations for each unit that could indicate missing miles or missing fuel receipts.

  • Odometer/hubometer readings on each unit that do not match up and there are missing miles.

  • Fuel purchased is States or Provinces that do not contain mileage’s being reported, by each unit.

  • Gaps between starting and ending locations.