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ACT provides a full range of compliance services, addressing the needs of the private and public sectors.

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Siouxland OSHA 30-hour General Industry

Dates: June 17, 2019 thru June 20, 2019
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dakota Dunes - Event Center
885 Cottonwood Lane, Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
OSHA Authorized Trainer (Primary)
Lorna G Puntillo, License 27-0080611

Registration Fee $485

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OSHA 30 hour (5 day) - This course for general industry teaches health and safety awareness, it assists to reduce the risk of workplace hazards. This 30-hour training includes up-to-date and relevant OSHA standards and compliance requirements. Topics covered: All OSHA 10 hour topics, plus - Falls, Powered Industrial Vehicles, Safety and Health Programs, Managing Safety and Health, Intro to Industrial Hygiene, Material Handling, Welding, Cutting & Brazing, and Lockout / Tagout.


Materials Covered:
The 30-Hour General Industry Outreach Program is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in but not limited to Health Care, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution and Retail. The program provides complete information on OSHA compliance requirements / issues as regulated in 29 CFR 1910. We will also discuss regulations that have changed over the past 5 years.
Some Items Will Include:
  • Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica (Feb 2016)

  • Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries & Illness

  • Eye and Face protection (March 2016)

  • Penalty / Fines increase (Jan 2017)

  • Walking Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems (Jan 2017)

  • Incentive Programs and Drug Testing Policies (Jan 2017)

Is OSHA 30-Hour Training Mandatory?

Technically, the OSHA 30-hour courses are intended by OSHA to be voluntary courses. So OSHA usually does not make someone take a 30-hour course unless it is part of a formal agreement to settle OSHA citations. However, there are numerous cities (like NYC and Philadelphia) and states (like Nevada), that have passed specific laws making it mandatory for supervisors to have completed an OSHA 30-hour course to work at some job-sites.  And it is also not unusual for some private employers and government agencies (like the Veterans Administration) to make completion of an OSHA 30-hour training course mandatory to be on their site

Do Students Receive Any Materials When They Take an OSHA 30-Hour Training Course?

Each student attending will receive their own copy of the OSHA standards for either general industry (CFR 1910) as part of their course materials. In addition to covering Federal OSHA regulations, our OSHA-authorized 30-hour instructors also address state-specific OSHA requirements, where applicable.

Do Students Get Any Type of OSHA Certification Form or Card When They Complete the OSHA 30-Hour Training Course?

When a student successfully completes OSHA 30-hour training, they will receive the official DOL/OSHA 30-hour course wallet card for either construction or general industry. We also provide each student with a personalized OSHA 30-hour training certificates. The OSHA 30 hour wallet cards for our courses are accepted in all 50 states and the US territories - GUARANTEED!

Does the OSHA 30-Hour Card Expire?

The small print on the back of official OSHA 30-hour training course wallet cards issued to students completing authentic 30-hour training courses like ours explains that the wallet cards do not expire. That is because the courses are voluntary in OSHA's eyes. However, as mentioned above, it is certainly the prerogative of a State, municipality, private employer, or other government agency to make the course mandatory and set an expiration date for the OSHA 30-hour card to be valid per their own requirements. In those cases, a student would have to re-take the OSHA 30-hour course again (because there is no official "refresher" course).

Are all OSHA 30-Hour Courses Valid?

No. There are some unscrupulous trainers out there who fraudulently represent themselves as authorized OSHA 30-hour trainers. In addition, there are a few online OSHA 30-hour courses that have not been officially accepted by OSHA as valid. In either of those two cases, the OSHA 30-hour cards issued by these classes are not valid. Fraudulent trainers should be reported to the OSHA Training and Education Division. And you can rest assured that the OSHA 30-hour wallet cards issued for courses offered through our website are 100% authentic!

Registration Fee $485

Refund Policy

If the client withdraws from the course at least ten working days before the first day of the course, they will receive a refund of the total course fee minus an administrative fee; If the client withdraws from the course within ten working days, but before five working days of the first day of the course, they will receive a 50% refund of the total course fee; If the client withdraws from the course within five working days of the first day of the course, they will receive no refund of the course fee; However, to avoid the deductions, the client may nominate a replacement participant transferring his/her registration at any time before the first day of the course for an administrative fee.