ACT, LLC helps clients identify all federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements applicable to a facility, and to assess the current compliance status of the facility. Through our regulatory compliance and permitting experience, ACT is well positioned to help clients meet all applicable environmental regulations.

Air Quality

ACT provides a full range of air quality services for all types of industrial, commercial, and governmental facilities. We assist our clients from initial facility planning and site selection to permitting of new construction and modifications. Our expertise in state, local, and federal regulations and permitting requirements enables us to efficiently assist our clients with addressing new rules, as well as managing change at their facilities. Our air quality consultants have the real-world experience of working in industry, as well as within state air permitting and compliance agencies.

Asbestos and Lead Services: Download Quick Facts Sheet

  •  Municipal HUD LBP Program Management Services

  • XRF Lead Based Paint Sampling

  • Lead Based Paint Inventories

  • Lead Risk Assessment

  • Lead Based Paint Remediation Specifications

  • Lead Clearance Inspections

  • Asbestos Sampling

  • Asbestos Inventories

  • Asbestos Project Designs

  • Demolition Specs for ACM-Containing Structures

  • Air Monitoring

  • Personal Exposure Monitoring

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)

According to the EPCRA chemical reporting requirements, facilities must report the storage, use, and release of certain hazardous chemicals.

ACT assists our clients with reporting, managing submissions
and training requirements of the following:

  • Emergency Planning Notification

  • Emergency Release Notification

  • Hazardous Chemical Storage Reporting

  • Toxic Release Inventory (Tier I and II)

  • Form A and R

Environmental Audit

Conducting an environmental audit is no longer an option but a sound precaution and a proactive measure in today’s heavily regulated environment. Environmental compliance auditing is a core focus of EPS. Since 1996, our staff has provided public and private sector clients with compliance auditing services that provide not only an accurate snap-shot their current condition, but the tools and training to allow for continued compliance after we leave. ACT personnel have developed audit methodology, provided training and seminar instruction, and compliance plans for a variety of industries, hospitals, universities, and municipal operations.


What is an Environmental Audit?
Environmental auditing is a systematic, documented, periodic and objective process in assessing an organization’s activities and services in relation to:

  • Assessing compliance with relevant statutory and internal requirements

  • Facilitating management control of environmental practices

  • Promoting good environmental management

  • Maintaining credibility with the public

  • Raising staff awareness and enforcing commitment to departmental environmental policy

  • Exploring improvement opportunities

Environmental Due Diligence: Download Quick Facts Sheet

  • Environmental Screens

  • Records Search with Risk Assessment

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Hazardous Materials Management

  • Contaminant Delineation / Remediation

  • Vapor Intrusion Testing

  • Voluntary Cleanup Fund Enrollment and Management

Expert Services

Litigation Support

ACT, LLC helps clients address liabilities and recover costs for construction, insurance, water resource, and environmental related issues. Our services include expert testimony, preparation of expert reports; cost allocation analysis, deposition preparation for opposing experts and settlement negotiations.


Approaching insurance claim support from both a technical perspective as well as a clear understanding of potential insurance defenses, ACT has provided expert services to As Damages, Owned Property, Expected and Intended, Sudden and Accidental, and Late Notice disputes.


Services Include: Download Quick Facts Sheet

  • NEPA CATEXs, EAs, EISs, NHPA Section 4(f), LAWCON Section 6(f)

  • Wetland and Stream Delineations, Mitigation, and Permitting

  • Water Quality Sampling and Analyses

  • Surface Water Quality Mitigation Strategies

  • Water Resource Planning and Management

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning, Sampling, and Analyses

  • NHPA Section 106 Compliance

  • Phase I and Phase II Archeological Investigations

  • Biological Surveys

  • Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitat Evaluations

  • Architectural Evaluations and NRHP Nominations

  • Natural Resource Conservation Plans

  • Forest Management Plans

Solid & Hazardous Waste

ACT provides a full range of solid and hazardous waste services for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. We assist clients with generator program development, including waste determinations, site assessments, compliance plans, permitting, and remediation/field services. Our experience and extensive interaction with state and federal agencies enables us to cost-effectively address our clients’ needs.

Our Solid & Hazardous Waste services include:

RCRA Generator Compliance

  • Hazardous Waste Management Programs

  • Waste Determinations

  • Contingency Plan Development

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan Development

  • Biennial Report Preparation

  • Waste Reduction Program Development

  • Training

RCRA Permitting & Field Investigations

  • TSD Auditing

  • Part A & Part B Permit Application Preparation

  • RCRA Facility Investigation Work Plan

  • Development

  • Corrective Action Plan Preparation

  • Site Investigation and Delineation

  • Site Remediation & Field Services

Solid Waste

  • Landfill Title V Permitting

  • Landfill Gas Sampling, NSPS Tier II Emission

  • Land application Permitting


  • Source Reduction

  • Byproduct Reuse

  • Separation Technologies/Diversion for Recycling

  • Organic Waste Digestion

  • Integrated Waste Management System



  • PRP Representation (and Development of Historical Disposal Practices)

  • Environmental Management System Development and Implementation

  • Sustainable Initiatives

Water Quality

The protection of the beneficial uses of water is mandated by the Clean Water Act and is paramount to the sustainability of our natural resources and economy. At ACT, we offer a range of water quality services to industry. These services range in scope from relatively straight forward mixing zone analyses of permitted outfalls where comparisons are made against water quality criteria, to broader scale analyses involving priority pollutants and sediment loading allocations.

ACT’s staff of scientists provides interdisciplinary perspective for evaluating both the potential effects of water quality contamination, as well as the means to address the technical challenges required to mitigate the problem. As a service provider to industry, our primary focus is providing cost-effective solutions for facilities that require storm water plans, oil spill prevention and response plans and National or State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.

Listed below are services provided by ACT:

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Pollution prevention opportunity assessments

  • Facility Response Plans (FRP)

  • NPDES Permit Applications and renewals

  • Training Programs

  • Negotiations of permit conditions with regulating agency

  • Water Resource Evaluation

  • GIS mapping and integrated databases

  • Groundwater hydrology – water usage permitting

  • Best Management Practices and Plans

Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks

Services Include: Download Quick Facts Sheet

  • Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Investigations (Tier 1/2/3 Site Cleanup Reports, Site Monitoring Reports)

  • Corrective Action Design and Implementation (chemical oxidation injections, laser induced fluorescence plume definition, soil excavation, land farm application, air sparge/soil vaporextraction systems)

  • Tank Closures

  • Free Product Monitoring and Removal