Assessments, Inspections, and Testing


Assessment: Evaluation of housekeeping/janitorial operations at public facilities to include:

  • Desktop inspections and document reviews of contracts/plans/staffing/standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • On-site assessments/observations of housekeeping/janitorial operations

  • Report development and supplemental training on areas for improvement

Hygiene Inspections: 

Collection of swab samples assessing germ loads at heavy traffic areas to include common area/lobby, elevators/escalators, cafeteria, bathroom, and primary entrances/exits

COVID-19 Inspection/Testing: 

In addition to general hygiene testing as described above, higher-risk facilities (including mass transit facilities, nursing homes, schools, ports of entry, hospitals, clinics, and other state/local critical facilities) would be screened specifically for COVID-19

Asset Delivery Services

  • Delivery of home health and/or testing kits and other essential supplies that may be needed by disaster survivors should social distancing measures be put in place

  • Personnel support at Point of Distribution (POD) sites


Disinfection, Spraying, and Monitoring Services

Disinfection, spraying, and monitoring services at areas identified as known or suspected to have COVID-19, including mass transit facilities and vehicles (e.g. buses, subway cars, trains), public facilities and open spaces, utilities, and healthcare facilities.

Consulting Services

ACT Safe, LLC is a team of dedicated consulting professionals whose practice is the structure of implementation of workplace safety, corporate loss control, and regulatory compliance.

Let us assist you with:

  • Contingency Development

  • Continuity Plans

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Program Development and Implementation

  • Facility Audit and Recommendations